How Our Process Works


Call or submit your form online and get an offer in minutes.


Schedule a home visit to do a walk through the house, go over the details of the offer


Choose your closing date and get paid within hours

Yes, You Can Sell Your Home Fast!

Yes, the process is that simple. KC Cash 4 Homes can buy your house quickly with these simple steps. You don't have to worry about repairs, trash or anything. We'll handle the whole process for you.
Sounds too good to be true? Yes, we are aware that most people don't even know they can sell they house fast for cash and often get tied down to a house they no longer want. We've helped lots of people just like you and we understand it wasn't always easy. The main advantage in our process is the peace of mind you get when you finally move on to more important things in life like your family.

How We Buy Houses


We talk to each other over the phone about the houses fixtures and needed repairs and at the end you get an estimated offer.

We have a lot of experience in buying houses in Kansas City and can provide good estimates on how much the house is worth based on what you tell us. We will give you an estimate of what we can offer and if you agree, we'll schedule a house visit.


House Walkthrough

We'll walk through the whole house and go through the notes from our initial call. At this point, we can give you an offer or if there is a need to check other things such as the drainage system, we'll let you know at this point.


Settlement day and sell your house

After we offer you a final offer, we can discuss the closing date when it's more convenient for you. We'll make all necessary arrangements and process all required paperwork so that all you have to do is show up and sign the documents. After that, you'll get your cash $$ in less than 24 hours.

We buy houses using our 3-step process much quicker than with a realtor

KC Cash for Homes offers fair prices for foreclosures, inherited houses, divorce sales, homes that need a lot of repairs or houses where the owner needs to move quickly. We handle the whole home buying process and we have a have a team of experts who help speed it up. We often close on houses in just a matter of days instead of months with a realtor. We are Kansas #1 solution to sell your home fast. With us, you don't have to worry about doing any repairs or catch up with your mortgage with the back. We deal with all those issues and you walk away with cash in just days.

We understand it's not easy to sell a house

We know it's not easy to sell a house especially if you need to do it quickly. We've seen people trying to sell their house that needed repairs such as a new roof or foundation repair only to find out most banks don't lend on these types of houses. We've helped people in this situations who if they'd known better they wouldn't have wasted their time with realtors. Just remember, time is money and if you're working with a realtor, for every month that passes you still have pay mortgage, utility bills and the headaches of not knowing when you'll get rid of the house. This is the reason why our company exists. We want to make it easier on yourself.

It's time to start living the kind of life that you deserve. Let us help make it possible in just a few days.

Ready to sell your house quickly?

Get a fair cash offer for your house in a few minutes and get paid in just a few days.
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