Are you facing foreclosure?

  • having trouble paying your mortgage?
  • getting nasty letters from your mortgage bank demanding payment?
  • bank has informed you that foreclosure proceedings have started?

We Buy Houses in Foreclosure

Sometimes bad luck strikes. The loss of a job, medical bills, divorce, wrong investment decisions, loss of a family member can leave us unable to pay our mortgage. Whatever the reason, we can help you avoid foreclosure. But, it is important that you call us today as time is of essence.

Yes, we can help you avoid foreclosure with our 3-step process

Here is Our 3-Step Process to Sell Your House to Us

Call Us Or Submit Your Information On Our Website

We'll talk about the condition, features, repairs, financial situation of your home. Then, we'll give you a approximate estimate over the phone. If there's an agreement on what we can offer, we'll proceed to schedule a visit of the home.

Meet With Us At Your Property

We'll meet at your property to do a quick inspection of the house and estimate repairs. Don't worry, you don't have to do any repairs. We will take care of those after closing. Once the visit is complete, we will make you an offer and explain to you any contingencies.

Choose Your Closing Date And Sell Your Home

It's really this simple. Once we agree on the offer all you have to do is show up for the closing, sign the documents and get paid within hours

Contact Us Today!

It's time to start living the kind of life that you deserve. Let us help make it possible in just a few days.

Ready to sell your house quickly?

Get a fair cash offer for your house in a few minutes and get paid in just a few days.
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