Need to sell your house fast due to relocation?

Advantages of working with us

  • Close quickly and get your cash in a matter of days
  • No need to do any expensive repairs
  • No realtor fees
  • Since we close fast, you'll have $$ for a new place
  • No need to clean anything
  • No tenants or double mortgages

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We Buy Houses due to Relocation

Are you trying to move to a new city and don't know what to do with your house? Many of our clients have relocated to other cities for a variety of reasons such a new job, a new business opportunity or simply the need to be closer to relatives. However, it's been hard to make the move due to a lot issues that come with it such as selling the house and finding a new place in the new city. All this comes with lots of expenses and headaches.

Yes, I know moving is painful but what are my options?

You have a few options when it comes to dealing with your house. One that many embrace is to rent your current home and find a new one in the other city. However, having 2 houses too often causes unnecessary headaches. Bad tenants too often destroy your house, stop paying or the house sits vacant. All of this creates a hole in your pocket.

becoming a landlord is painful, what else?

The best option we recommend is to sell your house to a cashbuyer. Think about it, you have too many things to take care of such as finding a new place, starting electric/gas/cable service, getting familiar with the new city, getting your kids in good schools, the actual packing and moving and a lot more.

So, what are the main advantages of working with a cash buyer?

The main advantages of working with us are the following:

  • You can close quickly so that means you'll have the cash to pay for a new place in the new city
  • You won't have to deal with bad tenants
  • Overall, one major headache off your list

Yes, We Can Buy Your House

Just Follow Our 3-Step Process Below

3-Step Formula to Sell Your House Quickly

Fill out our questionnaire below so that we can talk about the house over the phone

The first step is to gather a few details about the house so that we can have a meaningful conversation on the phone. We'll discuss the condition of the house, features, repairs and financial situation. Then, we'll give you an approximate amount we can offer for the house which is contingent to a short inspection. If we both agree, then, we'll proceed to schedule a visit of the house.

Meet at the house for an inspection

We'll meet at your house to take a look at the repairs needed. Don't worry, we will do those repairs but that helps us to see if our initial offer is close to what we thought. If all goes well, then, we'll present you with a final offer. If you agree, we can talk about possible dates for the closing.

Choose the closing date and get paid $$

It's really that simple. Once we have an agreement on the offer, all you have to do is show up for the closing, sign the paperwork and receive your cash within hours

It's time to start living the kind of life that you deserve. Let us help make it possible in just a few days.

Ready to sell your house quickly?

Get a fair cash offer for your house in a few minutes and get paid in just a few days.
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